Nintendo Debut Pikmin 3 For Wii U

Pikmin For Wii U

Mr Miyamoto’s only appearance at the Nintendo E3 conference was when showing off Pikmin 3.

Of all the people to build hype, Miyamoto can. And he did, when showing off Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 and Shigeru Miyamoto, a wonderful combination that was the perfect way to open Nintendo’s Wii U re-reveal. I’m not going to talk here about what followed, because Pikmin 3 is awesome, and here’s why.

Miyamoto has said Pikmin 3 has been in development for a long period of time, partly because of the back and forth between whether the title would launch on the Wii U or not. Fortunately, it’s launching on the Wii U – a move that means a potentially great game won’t be dead on arrival.

The game is a fully reimagined take on the previous games, though definitely looks and feels like Pikmin. Nintendo said the world is heavily populated with treasure and enemies, which apparently makes the game more action-centric and brings greater replayability due to the number of strategies and routes.

The game can be controlled with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck combo or the Wii U GamePad. Players can aim the controller at objects directly, and can command Pikmin via the GamePad. That’s done via a map on the capacitive touch screen and shows Pikmin moving in real time (the minimum functionality to expect, really). Players can move between areas with the slider of a finger, which Nintendo says gives greater flexibility in commanding multiple groups of Pikmin.

Greater Fidelity

The increased power of the worlds also means worlds are now more intricate, and brings enhanced movement to the Pikmin and detailed overhead views. The increased resolution should mean viewing the world from afar should be as easy as when viewing up close. HD graphics make a lot of difference.

Also, when a stage is completed there is a replay feature to view results using the GamePad and the television. Here players can fast forward, rewind or pause to decide on other paths when viewing the mission.

There is also a new type of Pikmin – the Rock Pikmin. It can break through barriers and crack external enemy shells. There are also an additional five types of Pikmin, so lots of micro-managing units.

Pikmin 3 does not have a release date, so stay tuned.

Published: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 Last Modified: June 7, 2012

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