Nintendo Announce New Handheld – Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo have announced the release of a new handheld console to their line up – the budget and child friendly Ninendo 2DS.

Nintendo 2DS Revealed At Pax

Not many people were expecting any major suprises from Nintendo at the PAX Prime expo. So in true Nintendo style they have announced that they were releasing a brand-new handheld console.

The new handheld will be called the Nintendo 2DS and is aimed primarily at children and those of the younger age group as an alternative to the more expensive 3DS, smart phones and tablets.

The console will have a wedge like design with two screens that differs greatly from any of the previous designs Nintendo have used in their DS range. While it was surprisingly comfortable, according to reports, there are numerous drawbacks due to budget reasons, including the lack of a 3D screen.


It is still possible to view 3-D games on the new handheld unit with stereoscopic glasses.

Nintendo 2DS To Retail for $129

Obviously one of the main reasons for adding the Nintendo 2DS handheld to their repertoire was to offer a more price savvy and budget friendly option to parents. They have timed the release nicely with holiday season soon coming up and it will be sure to provide a option for parents reluctant to handing over expense smartphones and tablets to their kids.


The unit itself will retail for $129(£109).

Nintendo Predict Strong Sales and Also Announce Price Cut

Nintendo themselves are predicting strong sales backed by strong software support for their latest handheld unit. Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America has been qouted as saying the device is “not just for consumers who have necessarily a phone or tablet,’ and want a taste of Nintendo’s game fare, ‘but all consumers, especially younger consumers,’


In other Nintendo news they have also announced a $50 price cut for the 32 GB Wii U as they try to reverse the sales slump and battle the impending competition from Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles.

Keep checking in as we continue to bring you the latest Nintendo news.

Published: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 Last Modified: September 3, 2013

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