Nintendo 3DS Leads August Video Game System Sales

Nintendo have announced that their Nintendo 3DS console was the best-slelling video game platform in August throughout the US.

Nintendo 3DS Highest Selling System For Fourth Consecutive Month

It appears Nintendos confidence that “software sells hardware” is coming to fruition as once again they can report strong sales thanks to some of their flagship characthers.

It is now the 4th consecutive month the console is leading the charts for top selling video game systems.


It’s definatley good news for Nintendo who only recently announced the addition of the Nintendo 2DS to their range of handheld consoles.

Success Attributed To Excellent Exclusive Titles

Much of the success is due to leading first party titles that are also starting to come through more regularly for Nintendo’s flagship handheld


Mario and Luigi:Dream Team was only release in August but has already sold 190,000 units.


Luigi’s Mansion :Dark Moon was released back in March and so far has sold over 860,000 copies.


Animal Crossing:New Leaf came out in June and has sold a staggering 739,000 units already .

New Pokemon Games To Boost 3DS Sales Even Further

So far over 6 and half million units of 3DS software has been purchased in the United States this year with Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land around 3 million units alone. A strong showing for two games release back in 2011.

Upcoming games for the console include Pokemon X and Pokemon Y which are set to be launched alongside the Nintendo 2DS in October.


More information is getting released on the two newest Pokemon titles everyday so keep checking in as we follow the build up to that release.

Published: Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 Last Modified: September 17, 2013

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