Ninety Nine Nights 2 Preview

You can’t get enough of action RPG’s like Bioware’s Dragon Age and you own a XBOX360? If you do, you might want to take a peek at Konami’s Ninety-Nine Nights II. Coming this summer, the XBOX360-exclusive game will throw you into some epic battles.

Ninety Nine Nights 2 Creatures

If you want to find out what creatures you will face this summer, read this preview!

So, what can we expect? New fighting styles, improved graphics… and an online co-op mode. Yep, that’s definitely a trend. Much like Hunted: The Demon’s Forge or Lord of the Rings War in the North , Ninety-Nine Nights II will include an online co-op mode that allows you to face all of those creepy creatures together with a friend.

Some of the creatures you have to face in Ninety-Nine Nights II are definitely going to be very hard to kill:

Ninety Nine Nights 2 Creatures

Luckily, you have a lot of awesome AoE skills to combat multiple enemies at once:

Ninety Nine Nights 2 Pictures

Ninety Nine Nights 2 Release Date:

Japanese players can get their hands on Ninety-Nine Nights 2 this spring, US players will get it approx. in June 2010.

Published: Thursday, April 15th, 2010 Last Modified: April 15, 2010

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