NiGHTS into dreams Gets HD Edition, Christmas NiGHTS Coming Soon?

Nights Into Dreams Hd Edition NiGHTS into dreams, the Sega Saturn title where you had to collect gems across a course within a predefined amount of time, is getting a high definition re-release.

Digital Sega is the best Sega, at least if you’re been wanting a NiGHTS into dreams HD facelift

It was teased over Facebook, and many fans guessed what the single image pointed towards: a NiGHTS into dreams HD re-release. Sega announced the news yesterday, but didn’t confirm a release date despite confirming the three HD platforms – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC – will get the title.

The HD remake will come to Xbox live, PlayStation Network and PC via Steam. The trailer is below, which compares the Saturn and new versions.

Chris Olson, vice president of digital business at Sega, said the company has had many requests for a HD NiGHTS re-release and said the company was glad to bring the title to a new generation of NiGHTS fans.

NiGHTS into dreams for the Sega Saturn was released 16 years ago – July 5 to be exact – and the new release will bring a 16:9 aspect ratio, leaderboards, trophies/achievements, and a Saturn mode which players can switch between. It’s basically like the ability to press the Back button on the Xbox 360 controller to see the original and new graphics in-game in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

No Christmas NiGHTS Included: DLC?

The image on Sega’s Facebook page had been thought to be, if not NiGHTS, a Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed track, but the lack of a defined road pointed towards NiGHTS. The screenshot is probably from the stage Stick Canyon, which notably feature the giant crane.

NiGHTS is best described a flying game on 2.5D plane, at least when you’re controlling NiGHTS. The aim is to complete the course to obtain gems, and then fight a boss. You’re graded on each course across the four gems you need to collect: you keep one, and the other four are scattered across the map. It’s possible to explore playing as one of the children who are in their dream, but the controls are awful.

If you don’t complete the course in time, you drop back into child form and receive a score of zero. A fail state, basically.

Published: Saturday, July 7th, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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