Nice Windows 8 Metro Sidebar Theme for Windows 7 and Vista

Another cool tool for Windows 8 fans: A Windows 8 metro sidebar theme for Windows 7 and Vista is now available for download. More info after the break.
Windows 8 Metro Theme Sidebar Design Style

The Sidebar Theme

Windows 8 metro Sidebar Theme

The Metro sidebar works just fine on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit.

The sidebar theme has some settings that you can customize, e.g. the color:
Windows 8 Theme Settings

On the sidebar itself, you have various links to lock, log off, switch user, restart or shutdown your PC. Many of these shortcuts are also available when you install our Windows 7 Shortcut Installer

You can also see your favorite web browser (and launch it) and the free disk space on your hard drives, as well as the time and date.

Overall, I very much like this Windows 8 inspired sidebar theme and is almost as good as the original Windows 7 sidebar. The Windows 8 design is pretty nicely done and works well with Zetro, one of the best Windows 8 themes. The sidebar does not consume much resources and is portable, another big advantage. I recommend launching it on startup.


You can download the sidebar theme from (no, this does not support Windows XP)

More Windows 8 themes

We’ll keep you posted and will add new Windows 8 themes for Windows 7 and Windows Vista/XP shortly. Stay tuned! If you have spotted any cool themes, please post on our contact form or below.

Published: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 Last Modified: August 10, 2011

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