Nice Grey Windows 7 Desktop Themes!

You are looking for some Windows 7 desktop themes? How about some very good grey desktop themes? Here are a couple nice one.
Nice Windows 7 Desktop Themes


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Elegant Grey Aero Desktop Theme for Windows 7

A very elegant gray desktop theme for Windows 7, completely new designed.
Dark ___Elegant_GRAY_v_2____by_DjabyTown Theme
Download Elegant Desktop Gray | Mirror

Grey City Theme for Windows 7

Greyish city wallpapers in this free desktop theme
Dark ___GRAY_ICE_VS___7_Version____by_DjabyTown Theme
Download Grey City Desktop | Mirror

Dark/Grey Desktop Theme for Windows 7

A dark shell theme with some grey shell elements. If you’re into dark/grey Windows 7 themes, you can combine them with some colorful desktop wallpapers – that usually works great!
Dark alternative_7_v2_by_incris-d33v2op Theme
Download Dark Grey Desktop Theme | Mirror

Full Grey Windows 7 Desktop Themes

Want a full grey desktop theme? This Windows 7 theme fully customizes the shell and turns it into a full grey desktop.
Dark Elegant_GRAY_VS___Windows_7_RC_by_DjabyTown Theme
Download Full Gray | Mirror

Grey World Aero Theme

A simple theme with world map wallpapers:
Dark graphite_vs_by_visualdiscernment-d3cwycv Theme
Download World Map Desktop Gray | Mirror

Gray NewGen Theme for Windows 7

Dark/greyish Windows 7 theme
Dark NewGen_by_sergiogarcia9 Theme
Download Newgen Desktop Gray | Mirror

Top Themes: Pical 2 Desktop Theme for Windows 7

One of the top Windows 7 desktop themes: Pical 2.0
Dark pical_2_0_by_sergiogarcia9-d3395ah Theme
Download Top Windows 7 Desktop Theme Pical 2 | Mirror

Gray Gaming Desktop Theme for Windows 7

Classic grey Neverwinter Nights theme. If you’re into gaming, give this desktop theme a try.
Dark sporting_gray_and_black_by_bigcyco1-d31b7s3 Theme
Download NWN Desktop Theme (Gray) | Mirror

Simple Minimalist Grey Themes for Windows 7

A minimalist grey desktop theme.
Dark Vela_vs_mod_for_win7_by_cu88 Theme
Download Simple Gray | Mirror

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Published: Thursday, July 7th, 2011 Last Modified: October 8, 2014

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