NFL Xbox One App Gets Overhauled For New NFL Season

One of the biggest highlights of the Xbox One is the NFL app, and since the initial launch, the app has given NFL junkies reasons to love it. As the 2015 NFL season approaches, Microsoft has updated the NFL Xbox One app, and gives football fans reasons to update and love the football app.

The newly updated NFL Xbox One App is amazing, and gives users a better real life experience than ever before. Microsoft is also updating the NFL benches with updated Surface Pro 3 units, and those will replace the Surface Pro 2 units that had adorned the sidelines of the NFL.

Microsoft Issues Updates To NFL App For Xbox One In Late August

NFL Updates For Xbox One App

The new NFL app on the Xbox One will arrive in late August for all, and gives real-time data back to the watcher at home. The next generation stats will be fed back to the NFL via wearable chips that will be on all players. These new stats will give remarkable updates to the prior years stats.

Along with the new stats, Microsoft and the NFL are teaming up to give a Next Gen Stats Pick ‘Em contest. Users can pick winners and answer questions to win prizes. The overall winner will win a trip to the Super Bowl. Lastly, the app will be more personalized and give updates back to the user.

Microsoft Gives NFL Sidelines New Surface Pro 3 Units

Teams Get Surface Pro 3 Units

Along with the new app for the Xbox One, Microsoft and the NFL updated their terms of the sideline deal for equipment. Now, sidelines adorn the Surface Pro 2, and have worked out very well for teams. This upcoming year, teams will get Surface Pro 3 units, and will be updated for them.

With the bigger screen, faster processor, and better pen recognition, the Surface Pro 3 will be a vast improvement for teams. Coaches can draw on the whiteboards, make diagrams on the sidelines, and the deal give referees portable tablets to view replays. This makes it all a lot better for all.

The new NFL App on Xbox One will arrive shortly. New equipment should mean great things for players and NFL sidelines.

Published: Saturday, August 8th, 2015 Last Modified: August 8, 2015

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