Next Xbox Device Could Be The ‘Xbox Lite’, Launching 2013

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Next-gen Xbox (“Durango”) preceded by budget version – a “Xbox Lite” console. This console will be cheaper than the Xbox 360.

Apparently, there will be a new Xbox device in 2013 that will be a ‘lite’ version aimed as a budget console

For once, next-gen rumours aren’t about the next Xbox per se: the latest round of rumours point towards Microsoft preceding their next generation fo console with a new version of their Xbox, which will apparently be pitched as the ‘Xbox lite.’

According to the MS Nerd, who has a history of releasing info about Microsoft’s plans, Microsoft will launch a new Xbox that is being pitched a low-tier device. Nerd says that the device will launch in late 2013, which would be very close to a next-gen Xbox.

Nerd says that the device will play “Arcade-style apps” and “all the current and future media apps with Kinect.” The device will be ARM-based, and surprisingly will be priced competitively with the Apple TV if you already own the Kinect. The Apple TV costs $99, so the device would be very affordable and would line up with the former Arcade edition of the Xbox which came without a hard drive and also played Arcade games from purchase.

Regarding the next Xbox, Nerd said there would be a next-gen Xbox in 2013. However, details on it are “very hazy.” However, Nerd added that the console would continue to support games for “core audiences” and the “same media apps” as Microsoft’s other devices.

Next-gen consoles will lack innovation

Developers have also come out to talk about what they expect to see from the next generation of consoles. The latest to do so – Doublesix’s CEO, James Brooskby – believes next-gen developers will focus more on established franchise.

The reason, Brooskby said, is that the cost of next-gen development will rise and publishers will stick with “proven development houses.”

He also said indie games would be the “exception” on next-gen consoles, rather than the rule, so the Indie Game hub on the Xbox 360 may not be featured.

The trend has already emerged with Kickstarter, as with nice genres – such as adventure games – going public to raise funding. Double Fine’s adventure Kickstarter game broke the record for raising $1 million dollars, and went on to reach $3 million by the time the project ended.

Published: Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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