Next XBOX codenamed Durango, developer summit meeting taking place in London, Crytek involved

Xbox Durango_thumb.jpeg 1Next Xbox codename is “Durango”, Crytek meeting in London lets slip on Twitter

A Kotaku rumour and tweet from a Crytek employee suggest that the next Xbox is indeed in development, and is codenamed “Durango”

There have been plenty of rumours floating around about the next Xbox: will it have a new, tablet like controller? How many more times powerful will it be? When will release? Well, we at least know the codename is likely “Durango.”

According to Kotaku, The Next Xbox‘s codename – “Durango” – is the name we will be hearing between the final development phase (perhaps an E3 unveiling) and public release.

As Kotaku also pointed out, there is a trend emerging in Microsoft’s codenames: Natal, the codename for Kinect, was taken from the Brazilian city of the same name. Likewise, Durango is one of Mexico’s 31 states.

Adding weight to this information, a Crytek employee – Sean Tracy, a Technical Artist for Crytek – said that he was enjoying “the Durango developers summit in London.” Since the tweet, Tracy’s Twitter account no longer exists.

Kotaku has also posted previous rumours on the “Durango” Xbox, which will apparently play Blu-Ray and will not run used games.

Regarding how Microsoft would implement an anti-used games policy in their next console, their source was not sure. However, after the article was published, Kotaku received an e-mail from a Microsoft rep saying that the “key to extending the lifespan of a console is … about the games and entertainment … delivered to consumers.” The rep didn’t comment directly on whether or not the anti-used policy was real, but the e-mail definitely hints that an anti-used mechanism may not be real.

The other rumours that Kotaku heard is that Kinect – Microsoft’s motion sensor add-on – will be upgraded, and come with the Durango Xbox, apparently featuring an on-board processor to allow the device to detect movements more accurately. Kotaku’s other rumour is that Microsoft is “interested in making a smaller controller” for its next console.

IGN’s report that the Durango Xbox could be six times more powerful than the Xbox 360 is backed up by Kotaku, who claim the company could make it eight times more powerful, though another source claims that any talk of specifications is “hypothetical.”

Published: Thursday, March 1st, 2012 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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