Next Windows 7 update removes Aero themes!

The next Windows 7 update will completely remove Windows 7 Aero themes from Windows 7 and Vista. Experts state that Windows 7 and Windows Vista consume 12,10% more energy when Aero themes are enabled (especially white Aero themes).

White Windows 7 Aero themes
(Image: White Aero theme)

Due to the increasing amount of PC’s in emerging markets Microsoft no longer want to take responsibility for ecological damage on a greater scale and will remove Aero themes as soon as possible.

You will still be able to use the themes: High-Contrast #1, High-Contrast #2, High-Contrast #3, High-contrast Black, Windows 7 Basic and Windows 7 Classic and a variety of other dark themes.

Dark Windows 7 Themes

Dark themes consume a lot less energy than white themes and are therefore considered more eco-friendly, that’s why Google once used a completely black homepage.

If you want to contribute to this global effort of energy saving, you should also use the search engine:

Black Search Engine

This is a black Google search engine that will possibly change the world. We definitely need more darkness in this world!

According to one of our polls, most of you prefer dark Windows 7 themes, therefore we decided that we will also change all of our themes and make them pitch-black.

Here’s one of our new dark Windows 7 themes that is currently work in progress:

Windows 7 Midnight Theme

Published: Thursday, April 1st, 2010 Last Modified: April 1, 2010

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