Next-gen Xbox and PlayStation Consoles: What We Know (Part One)

Next Generation Consoles Rumors Orbis Durango

A roundup of the rumours on the next-gen consoles.

Losing track of all the rumours on the next-gen consoles? Don’t worry, here’s a collection of them

Every day brings a new rumour, or leak, on the next generation of consoles. While some are undoubtedly bogus, people working in the industry are coming out with information that seems very possible. So, here’s a collection of the big rumours on the consoles.

Development cycle: Rumours have pointed to developers already beginning work on the “Durango” Xbox, which Microsoft have publicly said will not be talked about this year. There have also been job advertisements for candidates with a “background in DirectX 11,” IB Times report. DirectX 11 has not been used in current consoles, so signs point towards it being in the next round of consoles.

No Backwards Compatibility?

Regarding backwards compatibility, rumours have suggested that the next-gen Xbox console will not support backwards compatibility. That would be a surprising move for Microsoft, who support backwards compatibility in the Xbox 360.

On supporting previous games, the PlayStation 4 – apparently codenamed Orbis – will not support past games. The reason for this has been speculated as a result of Sony moving away from the PS3’s Cell architecture, which has been more difficult for developers to use than the Xbox 360. While not supporting previous games is disappointing, it’s needed if Sony are to be competitive with Microsoft on third-party titles.

There have also been rumours that Orbis will have integration with the PlayStation Vita, which already shares features such as trophies.

No Used Games?

As we reported, Sony’s next console has been rumoured to block used games. The idea would be a game would require an online PSN account to activate, though not to play thereafter, and if bought by another user would effectively be a demo version of the game. The title would be able to be bought through a Blu-Ray disc, or downloaded off PSN (like retail games can be downloaded onto the Vita).

Next-Gen Console Controllers

It’s been rumoured Microsoft will ditch their well-received controller, which many feel is almost perfect, instead for tablet-esque devices. Rumour said the device will be similar to the Wii U’s.

The PlayStation could feature a successor to the EyeToy, with concept art showing a device controlling music and pictures.

Published: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: April 4, 2012

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