News: Windows 8 Nook Tablet Not So Soon, But College Textbooks Via New Store

Microsoft Windows 8 Nook Tablet

Shortly after Microsoft’s investment into Nook, it confirms Nook tablets are not planned for now. Similar to Apple, Microsoft will sell College textbooks via their upcoming Windows 8 store

While not happening for now, there’s still the possibility a Windows 8 Nook tablet will happen

Shortly after investing $300 million dollars into tablet manufacturer Nook, and gaining an almost 20 percent stake as a result, the company has denied claims Nook will be producing tablets for Windows 8.

Specifically, the two companies said it’s still too soon to talk about Nook and Windows 8 (which is hardly surprising) but didn’t rule out the possibility of making Windows 8 tablets. During an investor call, Andy Lees of Microsoft said roadmaps weren’t up for discussion. Microsoft also hasn’t performed a teardown of Nook devices to see where they would fit in Windows 8’s requirements, so Windows 8 doesn’t seem to be an immediate though.

Nook tablets run ARM chipsets, so the natural version of Windows 8 would be Windows RT – Windows on ARM. However, Noble’s hardware design would have to be modified for Windows 8: the bezel must not interfere with the ability to touch the edge of the display area, which the Nook tablet might. Microsoft’s tablet has sleek, thin bezels.

Lees Demoted?

Lees has previously worked in the Windows Phone division, so will know what it takes to get a new operating system up and running (though Windows hardly has the lack of install base Windows Phone had). It had been unofficially confirmed that was shifted from that department because of Windows Phone’s inability to gain significant marketshare, asnd compete with Google and Apple – the company’s two main rivals. Microsoft denied this was the case, and said the move was due developing relationships between Windows Phone and Windows 8. The Verge’s sources said he had effectively been demoted because of increasingly tense relationships with manufacturers. Steve Ballmer confirmed the move in a leaked memo during that time.

Though even if Lees’ role was a demotion, it seems the investment in Nook could bring the company to Windows 8 in the long-term. Considering Windows 8 won’t be launching until later this year, there’ every chance Nook could get involved.

Could we even see Nook on Windows Phone? We’ll see. Last month there were rumors Windows 8 e-readers were in the works.

Nook Study: College Textbooks Available via Windows 8 Store

Nook Study Laptop

The Windows 8 store will offer various College textbooks from Barnes & Noble’s “Nook study” department

Published: Monday, April 30th, 2012 Last Modified: April 30, 2012

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