News Flash: Windows 8 To Have Skype Built In, Says Skype Chief

Skype will be deeply integrated in to Windows 8, Skype CEO Tony Bates said in an interview.
Windows 8 To Have Skype Built In

Skype To Be Integrated With Windows 8

Although we see no traces of it right now with the Windows 8 Release Preview build, Skype is apparently going to see its first real integration in to Windows in the upcoming Windows 8. Skype CEO let this litle nugget of information slip at the All Things D conference where he was being interviewed by Kara Swisher. Although he would not give out any further details, he did say Skype had multiple strong integration points and that she (Swisher) should wait and watch.

Skype was acquired by Microsoft about one year back for about $8.5million. That’s a big amount to pay but then it was worth it for the world’s most popular online and offline hybrid telephony platform. Microsoft had acquired Skype at 170 million users and now the number has come up to 250 million. And if the numbers are anything to go by, it’s only going to increase as time goes by. Unlike other services, communication never peaks and plateaus. So Skype is likely to be there when services like Twitter might fade.

Skype can become the ultimate modern communication tool in the hands of Microsoft’s Windows Team. Now that Skype is part of the company, its functionality can have very deep integration in Windows where users can place calls, chat and call actual mobile and landline phones from within their OS. This can easily be made to happen without having to rely on a separate software. In fact, if Skype is merged with a Live ID account, two great thigns will happen.

First Skype’s user base will see a massive upward surge. Then, we will see the most integrated online communication on a platform till date. Apple is already working on it with Face Time, to give you some idea as to how this can impact lives. Microsoft might just find a way to perfect it before Windows 8 is launched.

Published: Friday, June 1st, 2012 Last Modified: June 1, 2012

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