News Flash: Windows 8 Laptops With Touchscreens Will Be More Common

Lenovo_yoga_windows_8_ultrabook Intel is pushing the idea of touchscreen based laptops by supporting it with the innovative touch-based UI of the upcoming Windows 8 OS from Microsoft.

Laptops With Touchscreens To Become More Common According To Intel

Windows 8 is by far the only mainstream OS that has touch as it is main input form. It can be used with a normal keyboard and mouse as normal but then with its large and color tile based UI, touch is the best way to use it. According to Intel, this would not be restricted to just tablets. Laptops too will start coming with touchscreens thanks to the demands of the new OS.

Whilst laptops and clamshell notebooks are not exactly the optimum design for touch-based operations, companies have been coming up with convertibles that turn the screen in to a tablet like surface by folding the device. Previously the companies used to turn and swivel the screen. A recent design by Lenovo uses a 360degree hinge to turn the display all the way back to use it as a tablet. This model is called the Yoga and it has garnered quite a bit if excitement around it.

Another model that many of us have been thinking about is the Asus Transformer Prime. Even though it is an Android device for now, the company has already said that they have plans to make a Windows 8 version. This device has a screen that comes with a dock that clicks in to place and turns it in to a proper netbook like device with a physical keyboard and extra battery.

So touchscreen convertible laptops are not exactly new but Intel hopes that Windows 8 will spark interest in this form factor and it will finally become a mainstay in the market. The one thing that Intel has not talked about yet is the pricing. However, we will find that out eventually as more manufacturers start pushing out the Ultrabook models that they showed off at CES this year.

Published: Thursday, April 5th, 2012 Last Modified: April 5, 2012

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