Newest Windows 8.1 Phone Coming For Only $99

Windows 8.1 is slowly making its way to US cell phone makers, and the news about the phones arriving will certainly make Windows Phone fans excited. On Tuesday, Microsoft and T-Mobile along with Metro PCS will be getting the Lumia 635, for as low as $99.

The Lumia 635 with LTE is the replacement for the Lumia 521, and is the entry level Windows Phone. While being an entry level phone, it has a great set of specs to make any Windows Phone 8.1 fan happy. It’s been launched since last month globally, but this is the first in the US.

Microsoft Announces Lumia 635 Availability On T-Mobile and Metro PCS

Lumia 635 Pricing Details

With the announcement on Tuesday, Microsoft and T-Mobile announced that the Lumia 635 would be available for $0 down and $7 a month for 24-months, or $168 total. Metro PCS as the other carrier hasn’t announced pricing, but one expects the $168 mark for the phone to be the full price for the upcoming Windows 8.1 phone.

The combination of its having a low installment plan price on T-Mobile, and a low overall pay in full price of $168, will make it very enticing to customers. It will get the fans of phones looking for a basic phone, not a ton of advanced features, and the simplicity of Windows 8.1 onboard the phone.

Microsoft Shows Off Lumia 635 For T-Mobile and PCS Starting Next Month

Lumia 635 Specs

With the Lumia 635, this Windows Phone will have Cortana on board, a 4.5-inch LCD screen, a quad-core Snapdragon processor, fitness apps, and a ton of other features. The low price isn’t something that makes this phone an entry level phone, but one that has a lot of features for the low price.

This phone is meant to replace the Lumia 520, which was a huge bestselling phone around the globe. Now, with Windows 8.1 installed, this high-end feature phone will be available for a low price, and be rich with features. Hopefully with T-Mobile and Metro PCS as partners, this phone can take off an be a best seller for them and Microsoft.

The Lumia 635 is available for pre-order now on T-Mobile. Take a look, and see why this could be a hit.

Published: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: July 2, 2014

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