Newest Red Stripe Deals Feature Bejeweled and More

The Microsoft Red Stripe Deals continue to amaze, and as the holiday week approaches in the US with Independence Day, Microsoft released this weeks titles early. The wide selection of fun games should interest anyone who loves fun and games on their Windows devices.

The various fun and exciting titles during this weeks Red Stripe Deals are highlighted by Microsoft and are great bargains. Whether they are for the tablet, computer, desktop, or mobile phone, they are fun to play and enjoy, and don’t cost a fortune to purchase this weekend.

Microsoft Gives Bejeweled Live A Great Price For Red Stripe Deal

Bejeweled Live

The biggest title during this week’s Red Stripe Deals from Microsoft is Bejeweled Live. Anyone who loves playing games will certainly know this blockbuster title, and it has captured millions of fans around the globe. This game features a number of new levels, challenges and fun.

Bejeweled is a platinum selling game on the Windows Store, is available for Windows machines as well as Windows Phone devices. At $1.99 for the Windows Phone Store version and $2.49 for the Windows Store, it’s a bargain from the normal $4.99 price on each. This is a must purchase for any true Windows gamer.

Tennis In The Face Is Another Bargain From Microsoft During Sale

Other Titles Amaze

Along with Bejeweled Live, other titles for the Windows Phone and Windows store ecosystems are on sale as well. These include: “Tennis in the Face” (99 cents in the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store), Car Check (99 cents in the Windows Phone Store), “Where Angels Cry (Full)” ($2.99 in the Windows Store), “Cribbage” (99 cents in the Windows Phone Store and $1.49 in the Windows Store), “GRIDD 2” (99 cents in the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store) and the glƏƏk! Twitter app (99 cents in the Windows Phone Store and $4.99 from the Windows Store).

All of these titles are available every Thursday from Microsoft, and they are tremendous bargains for gamers. If you figure in the hours of fun and true enjoyment to be enjoyed, the prices are almost giveaways. Microsoft does a great deal to publicize these bargains and give Windows fans great games as well.

These are all live starting today. Great games at great prices they are.

Published: Friday, July 4th, 2014 Last Modified: July 4, 2014

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