New Xbox Video Web Services Announced Ahead Of Schedule

One of the more hyped and wanted services from Microsoft was announced on Wednesday, as the Xbox Video web service was announced.

The web version of the Xbox Video service, available at, gives users a ton of TV, movies, and videos for the Xbox and Windows Phones via the web.

The Xbox Video web service gives users the ability to stream media across the web, and enable users to watch their Xbox content on the web. This is aimed to replace the Zune video service, and will require Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in for viewing from almost anywhere.

Xbox Video Launches Ahead Of Schedule In A Web Format For Most

Xbox Video Highlights

The Xbox Video web service will allow users to watch any content purchased from their Xbox One, Windows 8.1 app, or anywhere supported by the Xbox Video service. Users can then go to their Xbox One, Windows 8, or tablet devices and watch their purchased videos via the Xbox Video service.

Users who have initially tried it have complained about the lack of HD support, which is a sad disappointment. But, Microsoft stated on Wednesday that users who access it via their Xbox One or Windows 8.1 can view the HD content, but not across the web. The web version is clearly aimed to get people on their Xbox One or Windows 8.1 devices.

Xbox Video Announced With Windows Phone Support Arriving Soon

Windows Phone Version Coming

As the Xbox Video web service was announced on Wednesday for Xbox One and Windows 8.1 devices, Microsoft stated that a Windows Phone version of Xbox Video will be coming soon. No expected date was announced by Microsoft for the release of the video service for Windows Phones, but we would expect it to arrive soon.

As the Windows Phone system is rapidly expanding around the world, and lately with the Lumia 520 and Lumia 1025 devices, the need to get Xbox Video on these devices will help gain more users. Xbox Video is a huge selling service and one that users want, and hopefully Microsoft will get this out the door.

I’ve used Xbox Video in the past, and it’s a fair system. It has all the latest TV episodes, movies, and content and now a web version will make it better for all.

Published: Friday, November 29th, 2013 Last Modified: November 29, 2013

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