New Xbox One Update Features Revealed In Preview

The Xbox One has gotten a recent update, but the major update due on March 11th is the major one anticipated by many. On Thursday, news and screen shots were revealed that fully show the update options and should deliver a huge number of features for Xbox One users from Microsoft.

The Xbox One got the major update in February, but the one in March is the big one. It will add the multiplaying via Twitch and others, but also news on Thursday talked about its other features. Improvements to audio and video modes should fix most of the consoles lingering problems.

Microsoft Fixes For Xbox One Early Tested and Reviewed

Audio Improvements

Those who hav gotten to test the Xbox One’s update via their preview program have reported improved audio with the Xbox One. In particular, Dolby Digital Audio has been added to the Xbox One and those with surround sound headphones should be able to take advantage of that real soon. That will be a big boost for COD, Battlefield, and Titanfall players.

The surround sound receivers that the Xbox One’s are connected to will also see improvements, as the Xbox One’s addition of Dolby Digtal Audio will affect those too. Now, the big and loud sounds of gameplay will be able to be heard through stereo systems with the Microsoft console.

Microsoft Support For Kinect Features With Xbox One Update Revealed

Other Tweaks Noted

Other improvements noted by testers of the Xbox One updates are video and Kinect related. European users whom had noticed problems with the 50Hz compatability problem will find those revolved. That issue mainly dealt with HDMI passthrough, and users who have tested the fix have seen it fixed.

Kinect hand gestures during gameplay have also been fixed, and the ability to record volume changes with the Kinect have also been fixed. There are a number of overall fixes to the Xbox One with this major update, and those plus with Twitch addition will keep gamers and console fans happy for a while. This update is one that users have been waiting for, and Microsoft via their test program gave access to those fans to kick the tires, and see how well it works.

I can’t wait for March 11th myself. I want to try it out and see what new features await.

Published: Friday, February 28th, 2014 Last Modified: February 28, 2014

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