New Xbox One Details Announced: Internal Beta, New GPU, Gamescom Unveil

In a podcast with Major Nelson, Marc Whitten, Xbox Chief Product Officer, detailed more announcements around the upcoming Xbox One console. These new announcements added to the speculation around the upcoming console, and will add to the preorders of the upcoming unit.

In the blog post on, the details concerning the internal beta of the console was announced with several others. As the details are slowly leaked out about the Xbox One, every detail about the Xbox One will be overly speculated and makes the Xbox One a contender for sure.

New Details Surrounding The Xbox One Announced Via Major Nelson Podcast

Internal Beta Underway

The first spicy detail about the Xbox One was that an internal beta of the console is underway in Redmond. The Xbox One consoles are in the homes of some very lucky Microsoft employees. These employees are working out the kinks and details of the Xbox One, and will report back to the developers on the beta.

Maximizing Xbox One Power

The next part on the Xbox One updates related to the hardware. The GPU clock speed was increased from 800 MHZ to 853 MHZ in the console. In addition, a new graphics driver has been installed in the unit, and is 100% optimized for the Xbox One, according to the interview.

More News At Gamescom

The last bit of news centered around Gamescom. The upcoming conference for game developers will have Xbox One news focused on them, and should give additional details surrounding the programming for the Xbox One console. As developers have been anxious surrounding the Xbox One, the Gamescom conference should shed some light on the developer news on the entertainment console.

This past week has had a ton of Xbox One news, including Smart Match, Reputation, Enforcement United, and Community Level Programs. Additional details will be available on Major Nelson’s Blog via, and sheds additional light on the Xbox One. The Xbox One is a very desirable console for both consumers and developers, and news leaking slowly on the console is only adding to the anticipation surrounding the console. As the Xbox One gains in popularity in the next few months, more and more games and technical specs should be announced, and this makes the Xbox One a Microsoft holiday gift for sure.

Published: Monday, August 5th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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