New Xbox One Ad Unveiled

One of the most exciting ads done by Microsoft was unveiled on Friday for the upcoming Xbox One console. The ad is one of the most integrated and awesome ads put out by the company, and shows the full power of the Xbox One and how it can be used across platforms.

The Microsoft Xbox One ad will start rolling out across television stations starting October 27th, and shows the number of experiences that the Xbox One unit can deliver. From games to Skype, from movies to Kinect, the ad shows all that the Xbox One can give users.

Microsoft Unveils First Xbox One Ad

Full Xbox One Experience

The Xbox One ad starts with the Halo robot entering the boardroom, which launches directly into the Fifa game from Electronic Arts. From there the Forza Motorsports game is brought into play with the Walking Dead and other games shown. The Kinect, movies, and Skype products are also highlighted in the ad.

What is important about this ad on the Xbox One, is that it shows everything that the Xbox One can do. Microsoft shows that the Xbox One is more than just a game machine, and that it can deliver a full spectrum of entertainment options for users and shows its voice command highlights as well.

Xbox One Ad Showcases Forza Motorsports, Fifa and More

Social Engagement

What Microsoft is doing versus Sony in this ad, is moving out to the social networks. Microsoft stated that they will be engaging with their Xbox One fans across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. By doing this, interactive experiences on each platform will be designed for each social network.

In addition, Microsoft is launching promotional programs with various brands including Doritos and Mountain Dew. By launching with these partners, Microsoft is able to advertise Xbox One across food products and get the name of the Xbox One out to more consumers. The campaigns will be rolling out quickly according to Microsoft. Lastly, there will be Xbox One Area One and Test Drive tours for users to try out the Xbox One and experience the Xbox One experience for themselves. This should give users the rich experiences they want to start playing the Xbox One.

This ad campaign by Microsoft is great news and the ad is well worth watching. The Xbox One looks like the console to get, and is available soon.

Published: Saturday, October 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 26, 2013

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