New Xbox Live App Brings Remote Control For The Xbox 360, Again

Xbox Live App Brings Remote Control

Remote control: My Xbox Live app allows friends, achievements and your Xbox to be accessed remotely

Microsoft bring a little of Windows Phone to iOS and Android in its new Xbox Live app

My Xbox Live for iOS and Android allows users of the service to see their friends, achievements and latest dashboard content. Now, an update to the app on iOS allows users to remotely control their Xbox 360.

Microsoft launched an Android App alongside the update which supports devices running version 2.2 and above, bringing the functionality of the iOS and Windows Phone apps which include avatar customization, achievements, the ability to send and receive messages along with editing their profile. Exactly the same as the iOS app, actually, until the latest update.

Remote support allows users to see the most recent activity and browse content. Media controls are supported, so videos can be managed (useful for watching The Wire back-to-back). However, the feature is currently iPhone-only – even the iPad and iPod Touch aren’t supported. We don’t know why, but I imagine updates will come soon. There’s no hardware limitation as far as I know. The iPad app has also received high-resolution image support, using the Retina display.

A Little Bit Of Windows Phone

The app was quietly launched by Microsoft, who previously had precedent of keeping its experiences to its devices. The My Xbox Live app isn’t the only piece of software to launch out of the company’s device: SmartGlass is available on non-Microsoft screens. While Windows Phone is definitely growing, and Windows 8 will be a success regardless of your thoughts towards Metro, I’d say there are more Xbox Live users running iOS or Android than there are running Windows Phone.

We can’t play Xbox Live games on mobile devices like we can on Windows Phone, though I suspect that will remain Microsoft exclusive. Google and Apple won’t allow non-App Store or Google Play games to go on sale.

It’s a clever move by Microsoft – the company has brought a slice of Metro to iOS and and Android, its two major competitors, within the existing ecosystems. It’s definitely an attractive UI, and effectively contrasts the three operating systems in Microsoft’s favor.

My Xbox Live is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Published: Thursday, June 14th, 2012 Last Modified: June 14, 2012

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