New Xbox Beta App Update & New Flagship Store To Open In NYC

As the week comes to a close, a number of things are in motion from Microsoft and they all point to positive things. They have recently updated the Xbox bets app on Windows 10, and announced an opening date for the flagship store in New York City.

The Xbox beta app on Windows 10 has goten a lot better since the initial launch, and has gotten a lot of bug fixes as well. This with a strong store opening in New York City, should propel Windows 10 to a strong ending of 2015 for the company.

Microsoft Gives Users An Update With Windows 10 Beta App In October

Xbox Beta App Update

On Friday, Microsoft updated the Xbox beta app on Windows 10, and this follows the initial launch of the app in September. This new update was a top fan feature, and is one that should get a lot of people interested in using it on Windows 10.

The update allows the ability to easily find and add Facebook friends who are on Xbox Live to play, chat, and share clips. Also, voiceover functionality has been added to the Game DVR, plus users can search for games in the store for Xbox One games.

Microsoft Launches New York City Flagship Store On Monday

New York Store Opening Monday

The other ending news for the week, was the announcement that the flagship Microsoft store would be opening Monday, October 26th. This is ahead of schedule, and will give Microsoft a strong retail front for the upcoming holiday season.

This will also give people the ability to get the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 units on Monday at the stores as well. New York City has been a long time coming for Microsoft fans, and having a flagship store there will be huge for the company.

Windows 10 grows and the gaming update helps. That, combined with a retail store in NYC, will only accelerate Windows 10 growth for all.

Published: Monday, October 26th, 2015 Last Modified: October 26, 2015

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