New XBOX 360 Controller With Improved D-Pad Design Release Date

A new XBOX360 controller with improved D-Pad design will be coming. This has been confirmed now by Microsoft. They also revealed a release date! Pictures and more infos after the break.

New XBOX 360 COntroller DPAD design

The new XBOX360 controller has been improved for games like Street fighter that make use of a lot of key combinations. You can rotate the D-Pad into a disc shaped format, which will then improve the gameplay experience.

XBOX 360 Controller Improved D-Pad Design Pictures

Release Date

Microsoft announced that the new XBOX controller will be available on November 9th for $64.99. It will only be available in a bundle called Play & Charge Kit. Luckily, the XBOX controller can also be used on your PC, so if you’re in need of a new controller this might be your chance!

Use XBOX360 Controller in Windows 7

Read our guide how to use the XBOX controller on your PC

Published: Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 Last Modified: September 2, 2010

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