New Windows 8 XP Themes Added

If you still use Windows XP, you might want to try one of the many Windows 8 themes that are available for it. Here’s a new “Aero” Windows 8 theme for XP, download it after the break.

Top Windows 8 Xp Theme

Windows 8 Aero Theme on XP

Windows 8 look in XP, including Aero look & feel:
XP Themes: Windows 8 Aero

Download Theme

For this Windows 8 XP theme you will obviously first need to patch Windows XP. This is very similar on both Windows 7 and XP, because both operating system do not support 3rd-party themes by default and require you to patch various system files in order to install the themes. Installing XP themes is even easier than installing Windows 7 themes, because there aren’t that many permission/security features.

One of the files that you need to fully install the Windows 8 XP theme is the Msgina.dll.

Joack from DA also added some installation instructions on his DA page. To install our various Windows 8 themes for Windows 7, please refer to our many tutorials on the subject.

For more Windows 8 XP Themes, head over to our large collection of Windows 8 desktop themes .

If you are a designer yourself and created any Windows 8 themes, be it for XP, Vista or Windows 7, make sure to leave a comment and we will feature it on our site. We also frequently feature Windows 8 concepts created by various designers such as Farhood Kankash (Windows 8 Concept Screens)

Published: Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 Last Modified: March 29, 2011

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