New Windows 8 Windows Store Screenshots Leaked

More screenshots of the upcoming Windows Store for Windows 8 have been leaked and it looks there could be a lot of colors involved.

Windows Store For Windows 8 Screenshots Leaked

New Leaked Images Of Windows Store For Windows 8 Surface

Windows focused site has some more leaked images up for viewing. These are screenshot images showing the Windows Store for Windows 8 in action. From what we can gather, the elements are completely Metro inspired and Microsoft is definitely working hard to maintain parity between the UI’s of all the popular platforms and the new and emergent ones. Also, this store is just a part of the over all system. So no surprise that it looks completely like Metro.

What is surprising are the colors — from what can be seen in the screenshot, the colors of the tiles are extremely jarring and do not sit well together at all. Seems like the developers will get to choose their own colors or may be there are preset range of colors. Whatever it is, somebody needs to correct this problem. Or else it is going to become quite the strain to sift through so many disjunctive colors. It defeats the whole purpose of quickly scanning through and spotting what you need.

At least they can choose to have different colors for different categories. But it is clear from screenshot that that is not the case. The top two tiles both belong to the “Music & Videos” category but have wildly different colors.

Another problem is that the tile view makes information somewhat sparse. You can see category, star rating and cost. And of course name. Hopefully there will also be a way to sort them according to these attributes and more. Right now no such option can be seen.

Surely, a small and dedicated UI team is working away at this to make sure that it is very usable even during its launch with the upcoming beta. So a lot of what we are seeing is hopefully going to be polished up before coming to us.

Published: Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 Last Modified: December 13, 2011

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