New Windows 8 Features Revealed: Lock Screen, RSS Tiles, Simplified Control Panel

Steve Ballmer spoke at Dell World this Friday and offered news about more Windows 8 features.

Windows 8 Lock screen

Lock Screen, RSS Tiles, Simplified Control Panel

MSFT CEO Steve Ballmer spoke at the Dell World event last Friday and shed light on some more Windows 8 features that have so far not been talked about.

He talked of four main features. One of them was a new lock screen. A concept that is clearly influenced by the mobile lock screens — the new lock screen pops up when the user is away from the device. It shows a “peaceful mountain view” and even though the OS is locked, it displays incoming notifications about emails, social updates, etc.

Ballmer also took time to reemphasize on the Start screen and demoed how users can easily rearrange and resize tiles. Ballmer also displayed that you can “extract” specific data from RSS Feed’s, stock market tickers, etc. and make that part into its own tile. This somewhat similar to the ‘Dashboard’ on OS X but it lives on the Start screen itself.

Another aspect that Ballmer highlighted was the all-new Control Panel which has been vastly simplified. It has more general headings and a text based layout. As you click through the more general headings, you go in to more specific areas and unearth simple functions that you can use easily.

Simpler And Better

The overall message delivered by Ballmer is that Windows 8 is not only better but it is also smarter and simpler. The average user who is not a power user, will not feel lost with very technical sounding names and functions that he/she does not understand. The new Windows is designed to be simpler.

As exemplified by Microsoft’s latest update about the new and simplified task manager, users will have the cushion of an easy to understand UI. Additionally, they will also have the option to switch to the more advanced features to have the flexibility that Windows is known for.

Published: Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 Last Modified: October 18, 2011

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