New Windows 7 Themes

Everyone here is hard at work creating new Windows 7 themes. Many of you have used the chance and uploaded their themes to our site (you can still do that here). So, let’s look at some of the best new Windows 7 themes!

BMW5 Series Simpsons Windows 7  Theme Industry

Thank you very much to everyone who uploaded new .themepack files. Please also add your nick so that we can properly credit you!

If you have recently uploaded a theme, but you don’t see it here, that’s because your upload did not work and you forgot to actually upload the theme by clicking on “Upload Now!” Please re-upload them if you would like to be featured.

New Staind Glass Theme

Staind Glass Theme by blueforce4116

The image below doesn’t reflect the beauty of this Windows 7 theme. The staind glass theme is very beautiful!

StaindGlass.jpg (535 KB)

New Abstract Theme “Electric Dream”

Astract Theme: Electric Dream

Do you like abstract Windows 7 themes? Then you have to download this new theme:

DP-450S-04.jpg (68 KB)

New F1 Theme

F1 Theme 2010

A new racing theme for all the Formula 1 fans out there. Great collection:

New Lion King Theme:

Lion King NALA High Quality Theme by Simbalage21a

Do you like Disney movies? This theme is for all Lion King fans:

New BMW5 Series Theme:

BMW 5-series Theme

One of our best new Windows 7 themes is this BMW theme:

BMW5 Series

New Nordschleife Theme:

Nordschleife Theme

Another theme for racing enthusiasts and car-lovers.

Nordschleife Theme

New Industry Theme:

Black & White Industry Theme

If you like old industry, then this new Windows 7 theme is for you:


New Simpsons Theme:

Simpsons Windows 7 Themes

Two new Simpsons themes with all the Simpsons characters. Good job!

Simpsons Windows 7  Theme

I would like to use this chance to remind everyone that you can also send .themepacks to [email protected]!

Download New Windows 7 Themes

You can download all of the new themes here.

Published: Friday, February 26th, 2010 Last Modified: May 6, 2014

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