New Windows 10 Universal Dailymotion App Launches

The online video world is full of sites to grab users attentions, and get their few minutes of viewing. But, one of the globes biggest ones has been lacking a universal Windows 10 app. That is until Dailymotion launched their new app for Windows 10.

Dailymotion is one of the planet’s most visited video sites, and is home to a ton of new videos to enjoy daily. But, users with Windows 10 haven’t been able to really enjoy the site on their devices. The new universal app should take care of this.

Dailymotion Drops Windows 10 Universal App

New Windows 10 Features

With the new Dailymotion universal app for Windows 10, Dailymotion issed 10 new features for users. They include an easy drag and drop to upload videos, a moveable in-app mini player, personalized suggestions, and user desired features.

One of the biggest visual updates for Windows 10 is the 4K video support included with the app. Along with better searching in the app, easier sharing of videos, following of favorite channels, and management, it makes Dailymotion a lot more desirable.

Windows 10 Gets Dailymotion App With Mini Player

Works Across All Windows 10 Devices

One of the biggest updates of the Dailymotion Windows 10 Universal App is the usability of the app across all Windows 0 devices. This means that users on tablets, phones, notebooks, and desktops get the same experience.

This is awesome for Dailymotion as well, since they have one app to update for Windows 10 users, and all users are getting virtually the same experience. This app highlights the powers of universal apps, and is one that others should follow.

The Dailymotion Windows 10 app is available today. Try it out, and enjoy the Windows 10 update.

Published: Thursday, February 4th, 2016 Last Modified: February 4, 2016

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