New Windows 10 Tools Let Admins Control Patch Deliveries

Windows 10 has been transformed from just a home-based OS to one that enterprises can deliver on their PC’s by the masses. This past week, Microsoft helped admins a lot, by giving them an update to control security and bug patches.

In a number of businesses, it may not be the best thing to deliver patches and bug updates as soon as they arrive. They could cause havoc with currently used programs, might not work as expected, or could cause damange to businesses, which is a nightmare for admins to fix.

Microsoft IT Admins Get Greater Security Controls

New Windows 10 Security Tool

Where this new Windows 10 tool helps admins, is by letting them post pone the delivery of security patches and bug fixes by up to four weeks. It’s part of version 1511, and if available for Pro, Enterprise, Education, and WUB versions.

These updates will make sure that organizations keep their devices current, and security needs met. It also allows for IT admins to control what gets installed, how it could affect their systems, and control the update schedule for their users.

Microsoft Gives Admins Greater Group Policy Controls With Windows 10

Deferring Security Updates For Users

The IT Admin in this case is able to now defer the updates for a set amount of weeks in the group policy “Defer Upgrades and Updates” field. It can be stretched from one to four weeks, and allows for Microsoft to test them as well in case of problems.

Admins will need to test these quickly though, and need to ensure buggy updates don’t affect machines. By giving enterprise and security IT admins ways to delay and postpone these fixes, it gives the admins greater control in their businesses.

Windows 10 needs to hit a home-run with IT admins. By giving them these advanced security tools, it makes Windows 10 more appealing to them today.

Published: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 Last Modified: December 1, 2015

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