New Weapons In Counter-Strike Global Offensive Includes Decoy

Some new weapons will be introduced in Counter Strike Global Offensive. One of the new weapons is a decoy grenade.
Counter-Strike Global Offensive Weapons

A decoy grenade creates sounds of an AK or a M4 wherever you throw it – the sound depends on your team choice. This could be a good tactical grenade, especially for 1v1 matches.

Also new is a molotov cocktail – a great way to create a burning barrier for terrorists trying to rush to bomb spot B on dust2.

New shotguns, pistols and heavy machine guns are included, but no concrete details are out yet.

Most of the classic CS weapons are included.

Weapon accuracy changed quite a bit, which need further testing and adjustments. A beta might be coming late 2011

We are going to let you know about any other weapon changes in Counter Strike Global Offensive as soon as Valve released more information. If you want to make sure to get this on day #1 you can preorder here.

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Published: Sunday, August 14th, 2011 Last Modified: August 14, 2011

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