New Versions: Windows 8 Professional Edition, Known as Pro

New Versions Windows 8 Pro Edition UnveiledMore editions surface for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. A “Windows 8 Pro” edition has been unveiled that seems to replace the Professional edition.

Remember how Windows 8 would have less edition? Well, that’s false. More editions have been revealed

A new edition of Windows 8 has been revealed that launch at retail, or shortly after, along with the details of the upgrade process that will be encountered when the operating system launches last this year.

The first piece of information received from WinUnleaked is that Windows 8 will include the Professional Edition. However, it’ll be known as “Pro” this time around according to WinUnleaked.

The blog says that the “Pro” edition will come without Windows Media Center, at least one the build the blog is using. It’s likely a non-final build, so it’s possible Microsoft will be introducing Media Center in the final version. It would be surprising if they didn’t.

The blog also says that user will be able to upgrade to “a better version.” Presumably there will be tiers of Windows 8 operating system in a range of price points, as is traditional, and is called “Windows Anytime Upgrade.”

The build also seems to not be final as it still showing the Windows Orb, which has been removed in the Consumer Preview.

The blog also notes that work “on the SKUs had just begun” and “future changes are expected.” WinUnleaked also said they were uncertain on whether Media Center would be in.

Windows 8 faster than predecessor

We also reported recently that, when tested against its previous OS Windows 7, Windows 8 came out on top in almost every category.

PCWorld ran the tests, and said that Windows was was “generally faster” than Windows 7. With the new Metro UI, that’s unsurprising: one of the hallmarks of Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI is incredibly fast movement whatever the hardware specs.

Windows 8 will be launching on a range of devices, so minimum resolutions – which are being imposed – could contribute to creating a strong experience whatever device is being used.

According to their WorkBench 7 tests, that Windows 8 was “14 percent faster” than Windows 7. Windows 8 also started up “35 percent,” with Windows 8 coming at 36.8 seconds. Windows 7 was 56.2 seconds.

Windows 8’s Consumer Preview is available to download now. Full release is this year.

Published: Thursday, March 29th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2014

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