New Value-Packed Xbox 360 Bundles For The Masses

On Monday, during E3, Microsoft along with its announcements for the Xbox One announced a new rebundled console package of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft announced two new Xbox 360 bundled package editions of its Xbox 360 gaming systems during the E3 show in Los Angeles, and gave the masses of current customers new prices for the best selling package. With it, Microsoft is ensuring that the current Xbox 360 customers continue to purchase their units before the end of the year launch of the Xbox One.

New Xbox 360 Bundles Announced

Two New Xbox 360 Bundles Announced

Two brand new Xbox 360 value-packed editions were announced on Monday, and they are the 4GB console with a $199 estimated MSRP, and a 250GB edition of the Xbox 360 that includes the Kinect Bundle. Both of these units will give customers looking for the current Xbox 360 lower price points and a reason to purchase the console.

Two free Xbox 360 Games Per Month Included

One of the biggest announcements that was announced for current Xbox 360 Xbox Live Gold members is the launch of the free games. Microsoft is giving Xbox Live Gold members two free games per month from July 1 to December 31, 2013. The first two games are Halo 3 and Assiassin’s Creed II, and in June 2013 they can get Fable III for free.

Record Numbers of Titles and Xbox Live Members

During the E3 press conference, Microsoft announced that there are over 4,500 titles and over 48 million Xbox Live members. This is a huge increase of titles and Xbox Live members over the previous year and gives the Xbox platform huge momentum for the upcoming years.

Included in the Microsoft press conference when talking about the Xbox 360 were announcement surrounding games like World Of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Ascend: Hand of Kul, the Summer of Arcade, new versions of Madden 2013, Battlefield 4, and others. New games, lower priced consoles, and free games made the Xbox 360 announcements a great time to be a Xbox 360 user.

Published: Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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