New TouchDevelop App Allows For Lumia App Development

One of the most common issues with the Lumia phone platform for Windows Phone, is the creation of apps and getting easy apps on the Windows Phone Store. On Friday, Microsoft came out with a brand new tool called TouchDevelop. This will make it very simple to build Lumia apps and for no charge.

The idea of building Lumia apps is fruitful for both individuals, companies, enterprise customers, and people who use Windows Phones. The complicated way of building these apps in the past will now get something that will hopefully give them ways to build apps quicker and much easier.

Microsoft Releases TouchDevelop For Lumia Apps and Games

What Is TouchDevelop?

TouchDevelop is a free program that allows anyone to create Lumia Windows Phone apps. It introduces any app or game developer to the world of coding, and guides them along while they do so. This makes it simple for almost anyone to create a game or app, and get it quickly on the Lumia phones.

The simplicity of the app comes with three different skill levels. These are beginner, code, and expert. The beginner is one that has drag and drop boxes. The coder has the ability to edit code and gives more options. Lastly, the expert mode includes Javascript curly braces and tools for coders to use.

Microsoft Shows Off Easy App and Game Building With TouchDevelop

Amp Up Apps

The TouchDevelop app allows for the most simple of apps and the most difficult to be built for the Lumia phone line of Windows Phones. Users can make apps that use the phone sensors, automate tasks, manage data, and more. Users can then share the apps to Windows, the Windows Phone Stores, and Windows App Studio.

The TouchDevelop is a new app, but also has a TouchDevelop community around it for support. It has a large forum where users and developers can ask and answer questions for almost anyone. Users can also get help building apps, marketing them, and getting them going with the power of TouchDevelop.

TouchDevelop is a great and fun app for building apps. It’s free, and you can download it today for free.

Published: Monday, May 18th, 2015 Last Modified: May 18, 2015

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