New Touch Features Debut In Windows 10 Builds

The touch nature of Windows 10, especially on tablets and mobile devices is pretty apparent, and one that Microsoft is wanting to expand on with Windows 10. During its latest build, Build 9860, Microsoft debuted and showed off a variety of new touch features for mobile and touch-enabeled devices.

The touch-enabled world of Windows is quickly taking off, as Windows is making tablet devices like the Surface Pro 3, and other makers are making touch laptops and desktops. The updates to the touch interface on Windows 10 will make Windows 10 easier to use and operate for many.

Microsoft Updates Touch Gestures For Windows 10

New Touch Features In Windows 10

In a short video released, and in the latest Windows 10 build, Microsoft showed off the new touch features and swipes in WIndows 10. The first is one that allows touch users to automatically have the keyboard pop up when touching a text box. This will make it easier to type on text boxes, and leasve for less touching for the keyboard button on the device.

The next feature for touch devices on Windows 10 is the ability to access the title bar by simply swiping down while the app i in full screen mode. Lastly, a third update for touch users is when users try to access the taskbar when a modern app is in full screen mode. A swipe from the side will allow the taskbar to be seen and will make the touch interface of Windows make more sense for many.

Microsoft Makes Touch Important Feature Of Windows 10 In Builds

Why Touch Matters In Windows 10

Touch in Windows 10 matters a lot, as more and more devices are debuting with touch built into the experience. Windows 10 is a lovely touch desktop experience, and one that has been vastly improved since the days of Windows 8 debuting. Microsoft has seen that making touch gestures more easily done is important and made vast improvements on it.

Users especially with Windows are still getting used to the touch interface, and rolling it out slowly in Windows 10 makes a lot of sense. Users on tablets are used to touching an app and making it go, but fully interfacing with apps in full view mode are a different thing. Microsoft will take it slowly, and show off more updates for Windows 10 touch soon.

Windows 10 with touch is great, but new. Getting users to use touch is one thing, and something that will take time.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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