New Surface Devices On The Horizon

On Tuesday, Panos Panay from Microsoft hinted that Microsoft is building future Surface devices for users.

The meeting at a Microsoft Seattle store hinted around Microsoft building a Surface Mini, but hints around other sizes and aspect ratios got interest from the geeky crowd.

The comments from Panos Panay were interesting as he hinted that they are thinking and working on several devices. He also stated that multiple aspect ratios and sizes were on the horizon from Microsoft, and left that as his final answer. This gets tech followers very interested in more.

Panos Panay Of Microsoft Hints Of Future Surface Units In Microsoft Store Meeting

Surface 2 LTE?

With the talk about smaller Surface units on the horizon, the other news surrounded a Surface 2 LTE model from Microsoft. Panos Panay told the crowd and others that a Surface 2 LTE would be coming out next year on AT&T and other partners in Europe, but said that Microsoft is not looking at building a Surface Pro 2 with LTE.

Lots Of Stuff and Sizes

The comments by Panos Panay hinted that aspect ratios and sizes would be in the Surface line in the future. A possible 7.5-inch display has been rumored with a 4:3 ratio, and that is what is expected from future Surface Mini users.

Panos Panay In Charge

With all the talk about the upcoming Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 units coming out in the next month, Microsoft’s Panos Panay is the man in charge. He is commanding his spot in the Microsoft chain of command with the Surface units and making the next moves for the company that will leave it competing against Apple and Google in the tablet space. With him, he will need to build competitively priced units with powerful features, and get them in the hands of users right away.

These comments from Panos Panay of Microsoft on Tuesday were interesting for Microsoft followers. He hinted that Microsoft is building more Surface units and is thinking about more than just the Surface 2 units mentioned for release later this month. Whether many of these come to the market in the future is anyones guess, but Microsoft is positioning itself in the mobile game in the years ahead.

Published: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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