New Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer in Full HD

Today, IGN released the new Resident Evil After trailer. The first one was pretty cool, but pretty short. This trailer is a bit longer and very promising, at least if you’re a fan of action movies:

You can check out some pictures of Resident Evil Afterlife on our site.

In Resident Evil Afterlife Alice, Claire and Co are tracking a radio signal that leads them to Umbrella’s last sanctuary. They’re finally trying to bring down Umbrella. If they can do it remains to be seen, but if they bring Umbrella down will there be a Resident Evil 5?
Umbrella is way to powerful to actually bring them down, aren’t they? It’s a never-ending story!

Resident Evil Theme

Umbrella Resident Evil Start Button
Download Resident Evil Theme for Windows 7

Published: Saturday, June 19th, 2010 Last Modified: June 19, 2010

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