New Premium Apps For Xbox Plus Huge Game Releases For Xbox One

Microsoft and the Xbox One are constantly updating its content, services, and offerings to its owners, and making them happier with every update. On Tuesday, Microsoft added a few new apps and released a few big title games for the console, making the Xbox One hotter than ever.

On Tuesday, Microsoft rolled out two new apps for users, that are purely entertainment based. With the new games out for the Xbox One as well, the holiday season seems to be primed for excellent entertainment options for the Xbox One. This will make Microsoft happy as well this holiday season.

Microsoft Rolls Out Crunchyroll For Xbox One Plus ENCORE Play

Crunchyroll and ENCORE Play

The first big new app to arrive on the Xbox One is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime channels on the web, and the new app captures the heart of anime on the Xbox One. It has over 20,000 episodes to view, and has Anime, Korean Drama, titles in HD, and a number of options to users. It can be used with voice and gesture control as well.

Second up is MOVEPLEX PLAY and ENCORE PLAY on the Xbox One. Both of these apps are companions to the Movieplex and Encore premium movie channels, and bring over 1,500 movies and titles to the Xbox One. This will make movie and show fans happy, as the number of entertainment options via these apps make the Xbox One a true movie lovers dream console.

Microsoft Unveils Dragon Age: Inquisition Among Others For XBox One's Tuesday Releases

New Games For Xbox One

On Tuesday, several new big titles were also released for Microsoft’s Xbox One. The first one up is Electronic Art’s Dragon Age:Inquisition. This game is set in the mystical worlds, and has been one of the most anticipated games to arrive on the Xbox One. It has a modern RPG roleplay system, great graphics, and a fun game-play worth enjoying on the Xbox One.

Additionally, WWE 2K15 arrived on the Xbox One, and this will please wrestling fans. The famous wrestlers of the WWE appear in HD resolution, and bring their rings, theme music and venues with them. Grand Theft Auto 5 also has been reintroduced on the Xbox One, being redone for the console, and bringing thugs, crooks, and villains to homes everywhere.

Tuesday brought a lot of fun to the Xbox One. From apps to games, it is a great time to be an Xbox One owner.

Published: Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 Last Modified: November 19, 2014

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