New Ouya Released With More Storage & Better Controller

A new Ouya console has been released with a host of upgraded features on the original version that came out last year.Will it give the console a new lease of life?

New Ouya , New Features

A year after its initial release, the creators of the cult kickstarted Android console are releasing a new version of their product: this time with double storage, better controller and new price.

High hopes were placed on the initial release and despite the console still remaining fairly niche -with only a cult following- the developersa are still looking to improve it where they can.


Some of the new changes are hoped to give the console a boost and allow it to keep up with the latest Android tablets and even smartphones that are themselves been constantly improved with more advanced hardware and tech.

What’s New In Latest Ouya Release

The technical core and shape of the Ouya were left intact. This variant of the console offers 16gb of space for games and apps together with a slick matte black case. A refined controller with better buttons and faster response times (also black) is be included as well.

The Ouya is known for its very rough release: leaving the marketing fiasco aside, the original controller did not feel good enough and the wifi connection was not the best either.


The aim of this release is to solve these problems, not in the original product but in an all new console available for $129,99 through Amazon.

New Release or Simply A Revision Of Orignal Ouya?

This release seems to clearly be a revision of the original console rather than a fully fledged new one. The fact that you would have to pay for a new console all over again just to get a better joystick and a decent internet speed may be annoying for early adopters of the Android based system.

Furthermore newcomers may have to pay those extra $30 in order to get a console that was initially marketed as a $100 Android platform.


So far, the reaction to this announcement has not been good at all. Ouya’s effort to get back on track may end up becoming meaningless pretty soon if customers decide that the so called “new features” are not worth the new price. Even when the console has over 500 games available, the playerbase continues to dwindle. The $100 version of the Ouya will still be available for sale, and the new Ouya will only be available in the U.S. for now.

Published: Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 Last Modified: February 4, 2014

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