New OneNote Clipper Released For OneNote Fans

OneNote as it has graced many different platforms from Microsoft has grown in incredible numbers, and users love using the service. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued a brand new email service for OneNote fans that will allow users to share content to OneNote from almost anywhere.

The new clipper app is all part of the “[email protected]” service announced on Tuesday from Microsoft. It might seem like a very simple service, but with the ability to share clippings and other articles or information to OneNote from anywhere will make it easier to use.

Microsoft Launches New OneNote Clipping & Sharing Service

How To Share

Users from anywhere can share their screenshots, clipping, articles and more to OneNote with ease from Microsoft’s new service. Microsoft launched the “[email protected]” service, and now users can share it easily. From a smartphone, a user can click share and then send it to the “[email protected]” email and its shared instantly.

Additionally, users can use their favorite news reader app and then email that article to the “[email protected]” address. If you get a funny email or link, you can share it to the same “[email protected]” address and its shared as well. Users can share multiple URL’s and it will only save the mail content and skip the web clippings according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Shows Off New Sharing Service On Tuesday

More Details On Service

According to Microsoft, to set up the “[email protected]” service, all a user has to do is head to the service and choose the email settings. There, the user can pick the email addresses they will use to send emails to the new service. Once OneNote gets an email from that email, it will add it to the default OneNote notebook.

The simplicity of adding notes, clippings, screenshots, and more will make OneNote easier to use and make it a lot more popular. Sharing to OneNote has been easy overall, but this “[email protected]” service will make it easier from the simple user to the most advanced. The service is live as of Tuesday, and getting your favorite links and clippings to OneNote couldn’t be easier than this.

OneNote is a great service that just got better. [email protected] is a easy way to share, and now its live.

Published: Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 Last Modified: July 9, 2014

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