New Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Rumors

Nokia 1 Tablet ConceptMore talk of the Nokia Windows 8 Tablet has resurfaced and this time it carries more details about what the tablet is actually going to be like.

Nokia Is Definitely Working On A Windows 8 Based Tablet

Talks of Nokia working on a Windows 8 based tablet have resurfaced. A post on industry news source Digitimes quotes an anonymous vendor from Nokia’s supply chain, claiming that the Nokia Windows 8 Tablet is indeed under development. It says that the new tablet will have a dual-core processor based on ARM technology and will come with a 10inch display. The unnamed supplier has also apparently said that Nokia is trying to launch this tablet within the fourth quarter of this year at the earliest. That means they will be trying to synchronize with the release of the Windows 8 OS itself by Microsoft.

Nokia’s intentions to make a tablet have been clear since middle of last year when tops executives from the Finnish phone maker clearly hinted that they were considering building a tablet. Next came a report from a French newspaper where a Nokia top executive for the country was quoted saying that the company intends to launch the tablet in the second quarter of 2012. Even though the timing was impossible because Windows 8 would not see official release by then, it was clear that Nokia was definitely working on tablets running Windows 8.

Since Microsoft is deeply involved in the product development at Nokia’s Windows 8 division, it is possible that both companies are working jointly on creating a great tablet for launching right alongside Windows 8. Given the primarily touch-based nature of the operating system, Microsoft really needs to showcase the possibilities on a modern tablet device that can compete with the market leader iPad from archrival Apple.

According to a statement made by Nokia’s Stephen Elop, the company is trying to look at a Windows 8 tablet from the Nokia point of view and create something that makes for a tablet that is self-defined and unique.

Published: Friday, March 16th, 2012 Last Modified: March 16, 2012

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