New Name Emerges In Microsoft CEO Hunt

As the number of names have lessened in the search for the next CEO for Microsoft, on Thursday, a brand new name emerged. This new name of Steve Mollenkopf is one that many in the tech circles respect and admire, and could be a strong front-runner for the role at Microsoft.

The addition of Steve Mollenkopf to the unofficial list as many call it in Redmond, adds to the speculation surrounding the new CEO at Microsoft. The names of Satya Nadella and some others including Alan Mulally and Tony Bates means that the CEO spot is still alive in Redmond.

Qualcomm's Steve Mollenkopf Emerges As Microsoft's Newest CEO Candidate

Who Is Steve Mollenkopf?

The name of Steve Mollenkopf should be known to those who follow technology close. He is the Chief Operating Officer at Qualcomm Inc, and at 44, is a young man relative to others in the search. He is the second man in charge at Qualcomm, and has built consumer and enterprise products including smartphones where Microsoft suffers, and could grow with him.

The name of Steve Mollenkopf could add to the ideas that Microsoft is looking for someone to grow their mobile business, since he currently knows the mobile technology world very well. The purchase of Nokia’s handset and mobile business could give the new CEO a new toy chest to play with and invest in, and give customers new Microsoft devices to enjoy in the future.

Steve Mollenkopf Can Be Microsoft's Newest Mobile CEO

What Microsoft Needs

Microsoft needs to get a new CEO who understands mobile, enterprise, and consumer at the same time, and Steve Mollenkopf could be that person. He understands the technology in the phones and tablet market, and gets the consumer market from his work at Qualcomm. He has been with Qualcomm since 1994, starting as an engineer, and has only grown since then.

Microsoft needs someone who understands technology, and names like Alan Mulally don’t exactly get that. As Qualcomm has already had agreements with Apple and Samsung, the move to get Steve Mollenkopf in the CEO position at Microsoft could help branch out Microsoft into building agreements with them as well. Microsoft needs to build out these markets, and the right combination of the perfect CEO and enterprise/mobile could give Steve Mollenkopf the nod in Redmond.

I think that Steve Mollenkopf could be the right fit at Microsoft. Microsoft needs a mobile professional, and this candidate has the mobile chops to land the role.

Published: Friday, December 13th, 2013 Last Modified: December 13, 2013

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