New Music and Video Apps Arrive For Windows 10

The music and video apps for Windows have had the Xbox name to them since the beginning, and that has been both a positive and a negative. On Wednesday, Microsoft changed that a bit, and released new music and video apps, without the Xbox names. These new apps are available to Windows 10 testers today.

Microsoft has renamed their music and video apps for Windows 10, stripping them of their Xbox labels. The new apps are caled Windows 10 Music App and Windows 10 Video app respectively. This keeps it simple for users to use, and keeps the Xbox name specifically for gaming and console units.

Microsoft Releases Music App For Windows 10

New Windows Apps For Music and Videos

These new music and video apps arrived for Windows 10 users, and are similar to ones on the Windows 8.1 machines of today. New menus, designs, and schemes are built into the apps, and keeps users watching their music and videos on their machines. While they are still in beta, it gives Windows 10 users something to try.

The apps feature some issues, with music pass and playback controls having some issues with the current Windows 10 builds. Microsoft is discouraging users from adding or removing folders from a video library for now, can show expired rentals with a current play triangle, and playback issues are bugging the apps down, but they are available to try and test.

Microsoft's Pre Release Video App For Windows 10 Gets Released In Beta Form

What Is To Come?

While these music and video apps are still in early beta forms, Microsoft is telling users that massive updates will soon be coming. New modes, themes, Windows Store integration, setting improvements, and accessibility features will be rolled out. This means that the current versions are nothing compared to what is coming.

The video apps for Windows 10 should feature apps from the Windows Store, with movies and TV shows available to purchase and rent. Downloading of videos and movies to view offline will also be available for users in upcoming releases. Microsoft states that movie reviews, cast info, and other device management tools will also be included soon.

The new video and music apps for Windows 10 are buggy and unstable. But, with the final release of Windows 10 due in the Summer, they should be vast improvements over what is available today in Windows 8.1.

Published: Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 Last Modified: April 2, 2015

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