New Microsoft CEO Not Until 2014

The rumors and speculation concerning who will be the next CEO at Microsoft has taken a lot of the tech world by storm in the past few weeks, but on Tuesday, news about it took another turn. The announcement that the next Microsoft CEO won’t be picked until early 2014 leaves some wondering.

The news on Tuesday came from Microsoft’s director John Thompson, who is leading the search for the next Microsoft CEO. In a blog post, he stated that the company will not be making the CEO decision at Microsoft until early next year, leaving investors worrying about the choice.

Microsoft's Director John Thompson Talks 2014 For Next CEO

The Official CEO Post Update

In the post announced on Tuesday, John Thompson stated that the board has identified over 100 possible candidates, and talked with several dozen of them, and then focused attention on 20 different individuals. The group has narrowed among those selected, and the Microsoft board is doing research and investigation to decide in early 2014.

The blog post leaves those wondering whom the next CEO will be at Microsoft, but at the same time puts out an official word from the Microsoft board in regards to the executive search. It is crucial to the company to select the proper individual to make the Fortune 50 company into the next years, and is deciding whom it will be very carefully.

Microsoft's Next CEO Still Undecided According To John Thompson

The Search Continues

Many investors had hoped that the company would have someone by year-end, and today’s news leaves them wondering. Whether the next leader is an experienced managerial candidate or someone within the Microsoft ranks is unknown, but the names of Alan Mulally and Satya Nadella constantly come up when the discussion of the next Microsoft CEO arises.

The blog post mentioned the company needing a technical CEO, and that might take some out of the running according to many. The names of Tony Bates and others come up, but Bill Gates and the Microsoft board will have the eventual word on whom it decides to name to the post as Microsoft’s next CEO. The company needs a new leader, and 2014 it shall be.

Microsoft is a huge company and deciding its future is crucial. My money is still on Satya Nadella, but who knows now.

Published: Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 Last Modified: December 18, 2013

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