New Lync App Coming For Android Tablets

The Lync client is an application that millions of enterprise companies and users depend upon for their daily work as a communications tool and more. On Tuesday, news about a potential Lync app for Android tablets was revealed and should make Lync more widely used than ever before.

Since Lync is an enterprise communications tool, it makes sense that Microsoft would branch it out onto the Android platform. Microsoft announced the availability of the app for Android tablets later this year, and should make Lync a widely used tool on Android tablets soon.

Microsoft Announces Lync Coming For Android Tablets For 2014

Coming By End On June 2014

The news at the Lync Conference 2014 in Las Vegas was all about Lync, and the biggest news of the show was about the upcoming Android tablet release. The 2,000 conference attendees got a first glance at the upcoming tablet app, and Derek Burney of Microsoft announced that it should be available in the Google Play Store by the end of June 2014.

The ability to run Lync an Android tablet will make the Android world more Microsoft friendly for enterprise users, and give them another reason to use Microsoft products for the enterprise for Android. As Android is being used more and more by enterprise customers, getting a big app like Lync is a huge win for Android fans.

Android Tablets To Gain Microsoft Lync Towards Mid-2014 From Microsoft

Why Android For Lync For Microsoft

As Lync is currently available for desktop, Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android Phones, it makes sense for Microsoft to bring it to the enterprise. There are lots of Android tablets in the wild that could use this app for their instant messaging, VOIP, and conferencing tools, and this would make Lync a great tool for businesses.

Lync will have new videoconferencing tools built into the next server tools, and new about the Lync-Skype federation was also discussed during the conference. With Lync becoming used more widely across the enterprise, Microsoft is pushing this billion dollar business to its enterprise customers more and more as the time goes on. With it joining up with Skype to merge as one, they can be assured that the enterprise will want it for Android tablets as well.

I use a Galaxy Tab and would like to try out Lync for it. I know enterprise customers who love Lync, and rumors about this made them very excited for June 2014.

Published: Thursday, February 20th, 2014 Last Modified: February 20, 2014

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