New Laptop Versus Chromebook Ad Launches On TV

In the latest battles between Microsoft and Google, Microsoft on Friday released its latest commercial. The commercial is the second one that shows how Chromebooks are not real laptops, and how only real laptops feature Windows and Office products, which is the focus of the commercial.

The commercial, the second one in the series, follows the first featuring reality TV stars from Pawn Stars TV show. That commercial was a humorous and sarcastic commercial launched by Microsoft against Chromebooks, and the latest one goes after Chromebooks in all new ways.

Microsoft Launches New Scroogled Commercial

The Latest Ad

The latest Microsoft commercial features Microsoft evangelist Ben Rudolph in the ad. He walks down the streets in Venice, California and asks various people whether or not they would rather have a Chromebook or a Windows laptop. In the commercial, no one picks the Chromebook, and that doesn’t surprise many who have seen these commercials.

As the commercial rolls on, he asks the various people if they use Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office, or other programs. They do, and he tells they that the Chromebook will not run these programs, and doesn’t have the capability to run Office. One woman states that the Chromebook is useless to her, and that ends the commercial.


Why The Hate?

This commercial by Microsoft goes at Google as part of the Scroogled campaign. The commericial shows that Microsoft while jabbing at Google, is afraid of Chromebook sales in the business and retail sectors. Many of these lower priced machines run Google Docs and are less expensive machines, which take away marketshare from Microsoft.

Microsoft by running these types of commercials is playing scared, but is also showing that it doesn’t back away from a fight. Microsoft is using humor and celebrities to gather interest in the Windows machines, and trying to get the point across to the masses about the differences in machines. Some find it interesting, some find it annoying.

I think these commercials are humorous and have a point. It is a dirty way to play in the workplace, but Microsoft is launching war against Google.

Published: Saturday, December 7th, 2013 Last Modified: December 7, 2013

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