New Kinect Hardware for Windows 8 in 2012 With Special ‘Near Mode’

Microsoft is working on improved Kinect hardware for PC’s that will possibly be released before Windows 8 comes out.

Microsoft To Release New Kinect Hardware Designed For Use On Windows PC’s

Windows 8 Might Have Kinect Abilities From Day 1

Microsoft’s Kinect set a Guinness world record for being the fastest selling consumer electronics device within a 60-day span. After talking about Kinect’s application in various areas outside of gaming and the living room, Microsoft had announced a new Software Development Kit for making Kinect app for Windows. Now, Microsoft has again turned the spotlight to Kinect and announced that they are making new Kinect hardware that is more suited to PC scenarios.

Included in the many improvements that are coming to the hardware, Microsoft especially talks about the new hardware’s ability to accurately gauge movement and gestures at closer distances. It is clear that if Kinect is being used with PC’s, it will have to work at much closer quarters than the living room scenarios common for Kinect on Xbox 360.

Up Close And Personal: Kinect’s New Hardware For Windows To Have Special ‘Near Mode’

This new hardware would be able to work at full efficiency up to a distance of 50cm and will show graceful degradation 10cm beyond to 40cm. This special ‘near mode’ will enable a host of new applications to be designed for ‘close up’ applications. These applications will be focused on the user being near the screen and hence would be likely to demand a greater level of accuracy to reproduce fine movements.

Microsoft is apparently improving close distance performance on Kinect for Xbox 360 as well by improving hardware as well as the firmware. Users who do not have touchscreens can easily invest in a Kinect and enjoy gesture based controls on Windows 8’s Metro UI. They will also enjoy a host of new applications that are expected to emerge from the Kinect for Windows SDK.

Published: Friday, November 25th, 2011 Last Modified: November 25, 2011

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