New Intel Chips for Windows 8. Hot!

Looks like the consumers and techies are not the only ones excited about Windows 8. Turns out that chip giant Intel is too.

New Intel Chips for Windows 8

They have recently talked about releasing new chips just to take advantage of the Windows 8 release and ride the wave as it hits or even before it hits.

Intel Working On Mobile Atom CPU

So according to a report made by This Is My Next, Intel is working on two different Atom series processors to coincide with the Windows 8. They are calling them Clover Trail and Cloverview. Not much to be read in to the names, if anything at all, but it looks like Intel doesn’t half mind the fact the Microsoft is now also working with a rising rival — ARM.

Intel’s main Intention with these two processors is to make sure that they get them on as many Windows 8 tablets as possible.

New Chips Unveiled In Beijing

Even though we know almost nothing about Clover Trail, Clover View at least has been formally introduced. It was unveiled at the Developers Forum in Beijing earlier this year in April as a 32nm process chip. However, it is known that Intel is focusing on the Oak Trail chip, which is made using the 45nm process. And if the naming pattern holds up, then Clover Trail might be the 45nm chip of the this new generation.

Timeline Hints And Windows 8 Release

Kircos, who spoke on behalf of Microsoft, was reticent about the details about the time of release. He did not give out any timeline or quarter specifications but did say that it would at least arrive with Windows 8. Or might even arrive before it. That’s a good thing for hardware makers looking at Windows 8 tablets and it is also a sign that Intel already knows when Microsoft intends to release Windows 8.

This in turn also suggests that Microsoft has already decided on a timeframe and has communicated it to its closest partners, of which Intel is one.

Published: Thursday, June 30th, 2011 Last Modified: June 30, 2011

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