New Hardware Specs For Windows 8.1 Announced Friday

Microsoft on Friday, announced major changes to manufacturers for their upcoming Windows 8.1 products and devices. The changes to the hardware certification requirements was delivered at the Worldwide Partner Conference, and gives manufacturers ideas on what Windows 8.1 devices will be.

The shifting and changing landscape of Windows 8.1 has given Microsoft new directives to their hardware partners. The specs as released during the WPC gives a set of hardware guidelines that all devices must adhere to when delivering the Windows 8.1 experience to users this fall.

Microsoft Releases Hardware Certification Requirements for Windows 8.1

Bluetooth. Webcams. More

The initial requirements for Windows 8.1 include that devices must include Bluetooth support for Wi-Fi devices, front facing 720p webcams if they have integrated displays, and better audio for devices aiming to deliver a richer sound experience. This list of upgrades gives hardware makers a more mobile view of the world while allowing customers to become more interactive with their product.

Windows 8.1 Native Support

It’s important to note that Windows 8.1 already includes support for technologies that include Miracast wireless displays, NFC, WiFi Direct, security via biometric authentication, and many more updates. This set of fundamental changes along with the ones posted by Microsoft on Friday, give manufacturers and researchers time to come up with awesome products powered by Windows 8.1

Only for 2014-2015 Devices and More

The public though, won’t see these new devices until the early 2014 or later in that year. Manufacturers need the time to do R&D on these devices, see how they test in the wild, and develop the proper technologies that will power these Windows 8.1 machines and devices. But, it gives consumers and businesses the ideas of what is coming ahead for Windows.

This set of hardware guidelines should give manufacturers a rough set of guidelines that they need to follow for implementing Windows 8.1 on their products. It is a very full list of specs, but gives customers and enterprise customers a wide number of potential products and devices that could be developed for Windows 8.1. The guidelines heavily focus on mobile, webcams, NFC, WLAN, and other mobile technologies than ever before. This should lead to great devices on Windows 8.1 later next year we hope.

Published: Monday, July 15th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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