New Friends App For Xbox One Detailed

On Monday, Major Nelson via his blog gave information surrounding the new friends app and multiplayer features that will be available for the Xbox One. The new friends list feature on the Xbox One will give users a brand new way to meet their friends and gamers on Xbox Live.

By redoing the friends list and multiplayer mode on the Xbox One, users will be able to interact with their friends in all new ways. Ever since 2002, Microsoft has been wanting users to use the Xbox as a friendly gamer device, and that has been increased with the Xbox One.

New Friends App and Friends

The first thing that Xbox One users will notice is that their Xbox 360 friends will be automatically transferred over when they boot up the new console. With the Xbox One, users can have up to 1,000 friends, and users can also have infinite followers. The full activity of what they are doing and playing will be available to view as well. Users can also share their achievements, gamer tags, and send invites to other users easier in the Xbox One system.

Friends and followers are different on the Xbox One, and that is an important update. What you share with others will be tightly controlled and privacy updates have been updated as well. The friends app will allow users to follow each other, possibly have people who don’t follow you back, and many other distinctions.

Play With Friends On The Xbox One In An All New Way

Achievements and Community

One of the other big notices on the Major Nelson blog was around the achievements on the Xbox One system. There will be two types of achievements for users, based on regular achievements and time-based challenges. The two will be separated for users, and will be listed separate so users will know which challenge is each on the system.

With the new achievements, the community is a huge part of the Xbox One system. Challenges and achievements may require team work, and with that a certain achievement can be unlocked if you join a team to solve it. An example of it with a three-day limited time challenge that requires teams to solve the puzzle, and thus getting that achievement.

The Xbox One is getting brand new updates and the new friends app and achievements are huge for the new system. By making teams work together, brand new achievements can be unlocked, gained, and make gaming a lot more social than ever before.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: May 12, 2014

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